I’m not perfect. 

I just wanted to let y’all know that up front. 

I’m also kind of a “space cadet” — I tend to forget things pretty quickly and easily, and I mind-dump more than I care to admit. 

So, with the move and everything, I’d forgotten that I still had things that I needed for homeschooling. I remembered the big things. I needed the student sheets and teacher’s manual for My Father’s World. I needed my daughter’s activity book for LLATL. I need their math curriculum.

I forgot to make a list of all the books I’d need to go along with LLATL. 

So, we’re taking an impromptu break this week (not the whole week, just until the books get here), since I don’t have everything we need for the week. 

You would think, with a planner, that I would have everything ready to go, but, as I said, I’m not perfect. 

So, hopefully your week is going better than mine. 🙂