Why I’ve been away, or, How life got away from me.

Oh my gosh.

Life has run away with me and I haven’t been handling everything so great.

First of all, raising four kids is super hard. In case you were thinking of doing it, I’d like you to be prepared: I think I’ve gotten eight combined hours of sleep in the last 2 weeks.

I feel like I’m running in circles doing nothing, but doing it really really quickly.

So, I’m back and I’m going to be revamping this blog, because I’ve decided that I want to make this blog bigger and better than it is.

So, please, if you are still following, please bear with me.

I’m back for good.


Pinterest Win: Squishy Bags


I have no idea what else to call these things, but they are super easy and super fun, and super cheap.

I saw the idea on Pinterest, but never pinned it. I did pin a similar idea here, but this is a little twist on it.

First of all, the first pin I saw said that this is an idea for toddler-age, but my 11 month old seems to really like it, as long as I watch him while he plays with it, because he will try to bite it, and although I double bagged it, I’m scared he’ll break a hole in it, and I don’t want him to get a mouthful of hair gel.

So, here are the supplies.

As you can see, I've already used some of the clear hair gel. I had to make sure this was actually going to work out before taking pictures, LOL.

As you can see, I’ve already used some of the clear hair gel. I had to make sure this was actually going to work out before taking pictures, LOL.

So we’ve got: hair gel, duct tape, glitter and assorted beads. You also need some ziploc-type baggies, that aren’t pictured. All of the supplies, except the duct tape, I got from the Dollar Tree (where EVERYTHING is a dollar!) — I spent a grand total of $10.00 on this project, and I should be able to make ~6 baggies.

Anyways, you have to put the hair gel into the bag. You don’t want to put a whole bunch like I did with the first one I made, you want to put about 1/3 of the hair gel container in it and then add more if necessary.


I just added more after I’d added the beads and glitter and squished around, to see if more was needed. Side note: this stuff smells *so good*.


Then, you add your beads and stuff. Just pile it in, zip the top and squish it all around until you’re happy with the consistency of everything.

Then, you squeeze the air out as much as possible and ready the duct tape.



Please excuse the quality of these photos. I took them with my iPhone and it was late. Anyway, duct tape the zipper part (I put two layers of duct tape on), if you want to duct tape the whole way around, you could do that, too.


Then you put that bag inside the other bag and repeat the process of squishing, getting out the air and duct taping. Then, you hand it off to your kid.

And you clean up the mess.


Or, you could sit absentmindedly squishing it for twenty minutes, thinking about your to-do list and organizing the homeschool curriculum and whether or not you should have another apple before you go to bed.

Not that I did that or anything.

Nope. Not me.