The Plan This Week: Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.



So, this week we’re having to do a whole bunch of things. We ended up taking the rest of last week off, because McHusband decided to go back to the oil fields and left for Pennsylvania last night. While I’m sad to see him go, I’m happy because it’s what he likes doing: working outside, working hard, and honestly? Though he won’t admit it, I think he secretly enjoys working in the oil fields. So, he’s going up there and the job that he’s taking is a huge stepping stone to bigger and better things for him, as well as for us. 

So, this week, we’re having to do last week’s work, as well as try to stay on a sorta schedule, meaning, we may have to double-time on some of the things. While we will have more than enough days at the end of the year, I want to be able to have some freedom to take weeks off when McHusband is home. 

On the outside-of-homeschool front: this is the week that I’ll be signing the older two kids up for different activities. Daughter really wants to do dance, while the Oldest Son wants to do gymnastics. So, all day I’ve been making phone calls and trying to track people down to make that happen, since around here, everything begins either this week or next. 

So, today, so far, we haven’t even gotten around to school yet, because it’s been one of *those* days, which it always is the first day that McHusband is gone. 

I’m also going to a homeschool co-op meeting tonight for a group close to our home, and hoping that we can get involved in that as well, since the kids really want to interact with other homeschooled children. 

Oh, and Friday we have a watercolor art class that we are going to, so that should be fun. 

What’s your week looking like? 


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