Hello, please come on in….

Or, the grand tour.* 

(Please excuse the mess. Or don’t. Either way, there’s not much your {or I} can really do about it.)

So, here’s what our homeschool room looks like so far this year. 


I know it’s a mess, and that bed looks a little out of place, but it’s really working for us. I just have to find a place for all those stray books. If you’ll notice, I have put up the white board and cork board since the last photo, and this morning, we finally set up our timeline up, which I’m so proud of. 

IMG_1201 IMG_1200IMG_1199

Yeah, I know, it’s a timeline. It’s ridiculous to be as excited about it as I am, but I love it. I love that we can see history in such a great way and I love that the kids are able to kind of see the relation between events in time.

It’s just yarn stretched out with thumbtacks and the pictures from the My Father’s World curriculum, but it serves it’s purpose. 

Hope you enjoyed the small tour. More to come as soon as I get everything put away. Maybe even some organization stuff! 🙂 


*Ok, ok, so the tour isn’t exactly grand, but you know what I mean. 


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