Organizing: Homeschool Planner

This school year, I’ve tried the Well-Planned Day planner AND the Erin Condren Teacher Planner. Both of them ended up being total flops. The Well-Planned Day planner, as beautiful as it is, was too much for me. I don’t need my homeschool planner to have as much stuff in it as the planner did. The Erin Condren planner just wasn’t useable for a homeschool setting, and as pretty as it was, I found myself just never using it.

Before my baby was born (in February) — I made my own planner using the ARC system from Staples.

I fell in love.

But, I’m quickly finding out that I don’t have as much time on my hands as I thought I would, and I don’t have time to continually print out my own pages, punch them, design them, etc. etc.

So, this year, I went with the Simple Plan planner. I think I’ve found homeschool planner peace with this one.

Instead of just posting a bunch of different pictures, I’m going to show you my youtube video of both of my planners, because YES I will still be using the ARC system (it’s so great) — but not for planning out our days, but doing other things with instead. I’ll do another video when I figure out what that function is.

The first video is my original ARC planner system.

The next video is about the Simple Plan Planner, which I got from Mardel.



3 thoughts on “Organizing: Homeschool Planner

  1. What size did you use for the Arc planner? I am truly inspired by your planner. I’ve been search for that perfect planner and realize it will never be unless I make it. Thank you for the inspiration!

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