Pinterest Win: Mother’s Day Gifts

Since everyone that could check this site has received their Mother’s Day gifts, I can now post the PICTURES from the craft we did! YAY! 🙂


This was SUCH a cool project that I had pinned on Pinterest and was so excited to try it. (By the way, do  you follow me on Pinterest? Because you should.) Anyways, that pin led me here, where the explanation was and the art project looked even cooler when I saw how easy it was.

The directions are super easy. You take a terra-cotta pot, turn it over (put something under it to make a space between the lip and whatever it is you’re working over, which is what I should’ve done, but didn’t, because I didn’t think it would be necessary, but it is), and then pour paint on the bottom, while gravity does the rest. Super easy and SUPER fun.

IMG_0470 IMG_0469

One tip: less is more. As you can see here, the blue is spilling over the pink, which means that the pink won’t be seen. Using less paint and tipping the pot would’ve made sure all the colors would’ve been seen, I think. We’ll do this project again and tweak as we go, so that’s another thing I’d suggest. Tweak as you go.


We kind of went a little crazy and dribbled pain down the sides and stuff to give it a different sort of look, instead of letting it rainbow down the sides. Because, the rainbow effect is cool, but it takes a while for the paint to pour down the side, which is why I should’ve had the pot on top of something (like a spray paint can, or something) so that I could’ve tipped the pot to make the paint go down faster.

IMG_0480IMG_0478 IMG_0482IMG_0483IMG_0477

And here they are after they’ve dried for two days, and I painted the lip of the pot yellow, because the paint dried funny.

IMG_0486 IMG_0488 IMG_0492 IMG_0490

These turned out so cool and so pretty that I cannot wait to do this again, only I’ll plan on keeping all of the pots this time instead of just one, because they were all so unique that it was hard to decide which one should go to whom.

It’s a very quick project and, if your kids are able to keep paint from getting everywhere, it’s one that can be done on your kitchen table, which is where we did it, so that bugs and dirt didn’t get mixed in with the paint. Once the paint is dry, just spray the pot with some Polyurethane coating and voila! It’s all done! And pretty! And ready to impress people! Now, I just have to go find some pretty flowers to put in mine.


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